Changing the Scottish Retail Game

Here we are in 2020, among one of the most challenging years in recent history, and yet, the opportunity for growth has never been greater.


Scotland has always had a fantastic international reputation – whether it be for our outlandish sense of humor, our dedication to insulting our own weather systems or our fruitful kindness that never ceases to amaze those who encounter us Scots – one thing that perhaps needs a lift in relation to our historic existence, is the things that we make!


Now, nobody is a stranger to the whiskey, tartan and toffee that so many would affiliate with Scottish retail – however, the undercover skilled crafts people that reside in Scotland have an untold story to be told. 


We Scots have not necessarily been known for our fashion, furniture, woodwork, accessories, jewelry, homeware, food, books, beauty  – but now is the time for change! 


Scotland is home to some of the most talented individuals and businesses that use the resources of the land to bring smiles to the people that encounter them – this is our message. Scotland makes amazing things and 2020 is the time to demonstrate this to the world.


The untold love story of Scottish producers and happy customers is coming to an end – at Amaazin.Scot we are dedicated to highlighting and promoting those individuals that for too long have lived in the shadow of tartan and toffee, we as a nation are so much more – juss you wait pal 🙂




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