Buying LOCAL during a PANDEMIC

Shopping from your local environment has become increasingly important in recent years.


Without even mentioning Covid-19, there has been an increased desire in supporting your local grocer or your local fashion boutique, your local tailor, your local florist, your local painter and so on and so forth. 


We’re all too aware of the dying high street but with the advancement of technology and communication, this is an opportunity to pivot – and pivot we must.


Never has it been more important to put our arms around those nearest and dearest, and what may come as a surprise, is that those people may not necessarily be friends or family, consider that they may be ‘Billy from down the road’ or ‘Stacy from so and so.’ We may not be exchanging phone numbers anytime soon but that doesn’t mean they are not an integral part to our sustainable living. 


In a time where the globalised world is becoming more and more accessible, looking internally at the types of things we do well may be the solution for peace and prosperity among our borders. This is no complaint to the luxuries of globalisation, instead, it is a suggestion that perhaps before our we give our hard earned money to Sweden when buying from Ikea or when we finance the USA’s economy when buying the latest I-phone, perhaps we should first decide if there is a Scottish alternative in which we fund our own national interests. 


We know that in Scotland, there are many people with many talents. And should you be looking for something specific within our borders, it’s our position that if you look hard enough, you will find it!

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