Amaazin.Scot is Rebuilding Scotland, This Burns Night

Amaazin.Scot is a new online marketplace that aims to showcase and support independent Scottish designers. This Burns night, Amaazin.Scot is hosting a virtual Burns marketplace, highlighting the fantastic independent businesses within Scotland.

Monday the 25th of January is Robert Burns Day, a day in which Scotland is highlighted to the rest of the world. Burns day will be slightly different this year due to the pandemic supporting an artist through Amaazin.Scot is a great way to commemorate one of Scotland’s greatest writers.

Over the past ten months, the Scottish economy has faced continued economic upheaval due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It has affected every member of society but the impacts that it has had on small independent business owners, in some cases, has been fatal.

“Amaazin.Scot is giving me a new sales opportunity where I can demonstrate my work to a brand new audience” stated Toben Lewis, Book Design and Bibliopegist. Amaazin.Scot has created a platform for small businesses during these difficult times. Moreover, it provides accessibility and ease for consumers as they no longer have to spend hours searching for small designers. The Amaazin.Scot goal is for us all to work together to make Scotland better than ever.

Burns day celebrates Robert Burns, Scotland national Bard and the Ploughman Poet. Over the decade’s Burns day, has become synonymous with Scottish culture and heritage as a whole. However, this year many Burns day or night traditions such as Burns suppers and ceilidh’s will not be possible due to current lockdown restrictions.

This year celebrations will have to be different but they can still be special. Scots may not have the chance to celebrate their heritage in person but they will be able to connect globally albeit digitally.

This is why Amaazin Scot has decided to host a digital marketplace highlighting all of the great products that are available from independent Scottish companies. The Amaazin.Scot Instagram page will be live from 6pm to 8pm where the retailer’s founder, Blair Wycherley will be hosting various artists and suppliers on a virtual Burns Day Marketplace.  There may even be some Burns poems that will make it a perfect digital destination this Burns Night.

A key way to celebrate Burns Day could be through giving a gift or helping another, Burns was an advocate for friendship and giving look at Auld Lang Syne.

Join Amaazin.Scot this Burns night to celebrate Scotland and the creativity that this small country produces with some of its finest creators.

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