A Great Scottish Road Trip Part One 

It's time to start your Scottish Road Trip
Let’s Start Our Scottish Road Trip

When the wind is sweeping us off our feet and the ice makes you slip in each and every direction. No wonder we go online to find a sunny escape for the Summer during the cold, dark nights of Winter. We dream of the sun beating down on us whilst lying on a beach with a cocktail in hand. This year, it could be argued that this dream is stronger than ever considering that most of us did not get away last year. However what’s wrong with the Scottish holiday especially if it’s a road trip.

Last week the health secretary Matt Hancock said that “we’re going to have a great British summer”. Bye-bye bikinis, or maybe not.  As you have the beauty of Scotland on your doorstep, you can still swim your way through the Summer. We have created a great Scottish tour and some of the small businesses that you may encounter on your way. 

Join Us On Our First Tour Of Scotland

On the first part of our journey around Scotland, we explore the Scottish borders. There are many different routes you could travel but why not try the South West Coastal 300. It’s a quiet road filled with many beautiful beaches which will make you forget about adventures abroad. This path is perfect for swimmers, who still want to make a splash this Summer.  As you could explore beautiful beaches such as that of Southerness with their famous lighthouse. 

You could begin in the bustling but beautiful Edinburgh and from there you can head down to Dumfries to discover the magic of the borders.

Places You Must See

Some highlights include a waterfall path on the Grey Mare’s trail and a nature reserve. Where you can take a dip in the water if you dare. It features a large drop of 60 feet, so watch your footing. 

The views from the top are spectacular so do not forget a camera. Be sure to finish the day at the neighboring town of Moffat where you can warm up at a number of restaurants and pubs. After all, who needs a hairdryer when you’ve got a wee dram?

Make Everyone Jealous

The trip may be very exciting but don’t forget to send your loved ones a postcard or a notecard to tell them that you wished they were there, even though you probably don’t, we can keep a secret.  Maybe you should plan ahead and purchase some cards from Alison Johnson, a Dumfries born illustrator and painter. You can explore all her fabulous designs here.

Nighttime Exploration

The borders are not just for exploring during the day, why not visit the Dark Skies observatory in the middle of the Galloway forest. Where you will witness breathtaking views of the nearby area. You could park next up at the nearby Loch Doon where there is a camping site so you could view the beauty of the stars all night long.

Choose Your Own Adventure

From this point, you could pay homage to Scotland’s bard at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, which is one of the busiest Scottish attractions outside of the cities. From there could start to explore the beauty and beaches of Ayr.


Or You Could Finish Your Tour In Style

Then make your way from Glasgow, breaking the circle and giving you a full experience of the lowlands. This would be a great tour if you want to see Scotland but you’re short on time. Glasgow would also be a good change of scenery after your idyllic and peaceful drive. You could explore the culture and liveliness of the city with its galleries, pubs and clubs.  Be sure to come back later on for our guide to Glasgow.

Our You Could Make Another Splash

 You could stay in our circle and travel in the other direction where you’ll find another great swimming spot. New Cumnock has recently re-opened on their lido, it’s one of the only lidos in the entirety of Scotland most lidos are in London which makes it slightly more cosmopolitan than swimming in the sea. The pool is open in the evening until 7 so you could watch the sunset. Some nights during the Summer the pool is open until midnight for late-night swims which is a truly unique experience. Just be sure to bring your bathing suit, it may be late but you still need it! Pear swimwear has some great Scottish designs.

After Your Road Trip, You’ll Need A Pint

Another stop on this tour which you will not want to miss is Castle Douglas which contains another beautiful beach. Where you can travel by boat to the ancient remains of Threave Castle. After all that discovery and adventure you’ll need a pint to wash it down. Be sure to visit Sulwath brewers, the last brewery before you enter England. Sulwath Brewery pride themselves on their crisp beer with no concentrates, colourings or extract. If you can’t wait until then, why not order yourself a five-litre keg from Amaazin Scot, that should see you through until the Summer. It can be ordered here. 

Well, that’s it for part one of our Scottish road trip but don’t worry we have more coming up from tranquil routes such as this one where you can be one with nature to bustling city guides. Amaazin Scot has you covered.

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