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5 Must-Have Jewellery Items this Valentines Day

Are you struggling to find  Valentine’s day jewellery for your significant other? We’ve some great pieces of jewellery that they will treasure forever. It’s better than some wilting flowers after all. 

This year you could also give a gift to an independent Scottish retailer by purchasing one of their unique Valentine day designs.  We have picked five great designers that covers various shapes, styles and prices, we’ve got some cracking jewellery under £50, which look like it’s worth double the money!

All of the products shown are able to be bought from making it a one-stop-shop for not only your favourite Scottish Valentine Day jewellery gifts but clothes, homeware, drinks and beyond.


Option One:  ‘Lines in Notion Karolina Baines £120

The Ultimate Earrings

Why not keep things classic with these ‘Lines in Notion’ large real silver studs. The earrings are handcrafted and will add a little bling to any look. These earrings would be the perfect present for a classy yet playful lady, who likes to put her own spin on elegance. 


Karolina’s designs classic looks with a sense of movement to create sculptural jewellery. Her collections reflect a diverse world of inspirations, from Japanese textiles and folding techniques, as well as Venetian inspired designs, to the universal traditions of weaving and basketry. 


Each piece seeks to develop an emotional connection between jewellery and wearer, through the application of strong tactile patterns and textures. We’re sure that the earrings will make a fantastic and lasting impression.


Option 2: Constellation Oval Lapel Pin Blue Reclaimed Wood & Silver – By Caitlin Hegney £60

This broach is flexible

What if you want something a bit more understated? Why not purchase this beautiful pin that is inspired by the stars? The light tartan pattern also gives it a truly Scottish feel. It’s highly versatile pin and looks great for both a busy day of errands and a night on the town, remember them?

Handmade by Caitlin in her workshop in Helensburgh, the design is inspired by a constellation with silver dots against the deep blue repurposed wood, just like the stars in the dark blue Scottish skies.


Purchasing this pin would not only benefit your loved one and the designer, but it is also kind to the planet. Caitlin Hegney uses reclaimed and recycled materials which means that everyone is a winner, even mother nature.


Caitlin looks for rhythms and patterns in her designs that transcend ancient times then interprets them for the present day. She uses hand-made tools to translate the expressive quality of her sketches into precious metals and hand-mixes pigment recipes to dye wooden surfaces rich shades of blue.


Option 3: 360 Spin Reversible Earrings by Ruth Laird £120

These earrings can match your mood

How about something a little more quirky? These are for the women who love to stand out. Ruth Laird’s drop-down earrings are also handcrafted and have a sterling silver base. They are also different on each side. Each side is customised with paint and even gold leaf decoration, very lush we know. With each side being different colours, these earrings will match any wardrobe even the most eclectic. 


Ruth Laird is a jewellery maker based in Glasgow. She specialises in scored and folded, angular forms. Ruth Laird aims to explore the relationship between Maths and Art through her designs.  Ruth takes inspiration from geometry, architectural structures and abstract perspectives and wishes to create something truly unique.

Option 4: Ripple Pendant – By Iona Hall, £35.00

This is something to treasure

This pendant is lightweight and simple but stylish. Perfect for everyday wear but with the ability to be layered to create a cool glamour at night. The design is made with sterling silver so it is highly durable. Everything created by Iona is handmade and one of a kind, just like your loved one.


Iona Hall is a silversmith and jeweller, graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2018 and Bishopsland in 2019.  In all her work she strives to achieve that compelling feeling that you must pick this object up. She aims to create a keepsake that demands further exploration. These pieces are made to hold, to use and look from many angles. 

Option 5: Wonderbird Cuff By Ali Forbes £45

Here's something truly unique

Maybe you want something truly out there. Why not pick this truly individual bracelet this Valentine’s day? It is almost entirely made of leather and it would add drama to any everyday outfit. It is a bracelet that aims to recreate the beauty of nature as it replicates a beautiful bird in flight, so this a perfect buy for any fans of the great outdoors.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Ali Forbes is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins. . Her work is inspired by the folklore of the places she has lived in, modular and mechanical design, and her Scottish heritage.

We hope that you found some great Valentines day jewellery to make the day special, despite the circumstances. Amaazin Scot wishes you a great Valentines day.

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